The first time I remember being teased because of my weight was when I was in forth grade. I have three older brothers who were always very thin. They were good
Brothers and loved me very much but they teased me relentlessly, always about my weight. I can recall at any moment the specific words they used. I knew I was bigger than a lot of girls my age and I hated it. I remember wearing my jacket all day at school in hopes to hide how chubby I was. My parents were always so good about it, they never made me feel bad and they always encouraged me. They would get on my brothers for teasing me but most of time they were not aware of it.

The summer before I was to enter middle school, that was seventh grade for me, I was determined to "get skinny". I did, I got really skinny over that summer. I remember eating very little and exercising like crazy. I can remember being in the bathroom with the shower on as hot as it could so steam would fill the room while I did as many jumping jacks as I could. I was just hoping the extra sweat would drop more pounds. My mother approached me a few times that summer about my weight loss and of course I lied to her. Looking back now, I can imagine how concerned she was. Thankfully she was on top f it because I was on the edge of a serious eating disorder. Thankfully, that only lasted a couple of months for me. As I entered middle school, I was skinny and everybody noticed. Boy did that feel good! I was able to go shopping with my friends and buy guess jeans, it was very exciting. I am not quite sure how all of this changed but later that year I got interested in sports. That was really good for me; I stopped focusing so much on the size of my body and started focusing on what I could do with it. I am sure if it were not for my parents and sports I would have continued the behavior from the summer and been very unhealthy.

I remember having a couple of friends in high school who were battling eating disorders. I always felt bigger than most but I was an average size. My freshman year of college, I gained the "freshman 15" very quickly. It felt awful to me. All of those feeling from when I was younger came back. Over the next few years my weight averaged out and I was an average size 10-12 in my 20's. After my first son was born, it took me an entire year to lose the weight. I did get back to my pre-pregnancy weight but my body was forever changed. The some thing happened 3 years later when my second child was born. One year later, I was finally back to the same size. I was pleased to be back to my pre-pregnancy weight but I always felt a little fat. I tried different diets here and there but never stuck with anything. I like healthy food and have always enjoyed exercising but I needed to make some changes.
Last December I started working at Physicians Weight Loss Center and I started on the program, three weeks before Christmas! I had a goal of 20 pounds.

I had tried to lose 10 pounds for the past 15 years so I was not sure about 20. I was going to be happy with 10 pounds. Well those 10 pounds were off by the New Year and I was feeling great! I was down a size and felt really good. Over the next 6 weeks I would lose another 10 pounds and reach my goal of a 20-pound weight loss.
My clothes did not fit anymore and I could not wait to go shopping. I really did not know what size I was so I was amazed when I was buying small tops and size 5/6 bottoms. I didn't even wear that size in high school. I became a runner just over a year ago but this season, running has gone so much better. It is a lot easier to run being 20 pounds lighter and eating food that fuels my body. My husband started the program two months after me and he is down 45 pounds! He looks awesome and feels fantastic.

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