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Created: Mar 6, 2018

Job Title:
Assistant Finance Director
Job Status:
Full Time
Job Category:
1-3 Years
Ladysmith, WI
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Kitzie Nelson
311 E Miner Ave

Job Description

Date Updated: 07/17/16 Department: Finance GENERAL SUMMARY: The Rusk County Finance Department is responsible for auditing and maintaining a balanced set of books according to GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) and the State of Wisconsin Department of Revenue guidelines. REPORTING RELATIONSHIPS: 1. Reports to Finance Director. 2. Directs work of individual contributors. Regularly directs the work of two to three others. ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS OF THE JOB: 1. Assists in preparation for County's independent audit. 2. Assists in the development of fiscal, billing, and collections policies and procedures consistent with County, State, and Federal requirements. 3. Reviews operations on a continual basis to ensure accuracy and efficiency and reports findings to the Finance Director. 4. Assists with training of Finance staff. 5. Audits all receipts and vouchers in proper funds, banks, and accounts. 6. Prepares and/or records authorized adjustments to accounts by journal entry as determined by audit or others. 7. Assists with auditing and preparation of monthly bank reconciliations. 8. Provides information from accounts and source records to external auditors and others as requested. 9. Assists in reconciling records and accounts with other County departments in order to locate errors. 10. Assists with County budget preparation. 11. Assists with copy machine, county car, and other billings. 13. Assists with tracking of assets on County’s books to meet the requirements of GASB 34. 14. Assists Finance Director with insurance claims and administration. 15. Acts as Finance Director in absence of Finance Director. 16. Assists with County payroll as needed. 17. Other duties as may be assigned. PHYSICAL DEMANDS OF THE ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: 1. Over 75% of the time is spent sitting, using near vision with low handling of materials, and medium fingering for writing, typing and computer keyboarding. 2. Approximately 50% of the time is spent talking and hearing. 3. Approximately 25% of the time is spent with low fingering activities, and walking. 4. About 10% of the time is spent with medium (20-40 lbs.) lifting and carrying, low pushing/pulling (file drawers, printouts), using far vision, climbing stairs, bending/twisting, reaching, crouching, and stooping. 5. In unusual situations, kneeling, feeling, and high fingering is required. WORKING CONDITIONS: Over 95% of the time is spent inside. EQUIPMENT USED TO PERFORM ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: Basic office equipment is used – computer terminal, printer, scanner, typewriter, calculator, telephone, copy and duplicator machines, postage machine, fax machine, computer modem, digital camera, backup unit, and any other equipment and software needed to perform essential job duties. QUALIFICATIONS NEEDED: 1. Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting or knowledge normally acquired in four years of post-high school training including successful completion of college level courses in advanced accounting, auditing, cost accounting, and fund accounting. 2. One to three years pre-hire experience involving keeping complete sets of books through trial balance and financial statements, closing and opening books at end of year, and accrual and fund accounting as applied to governmental units. 3. Two to three years time on the job is usually required in order to learn the department's critical functions and perform the duties of this position satisfactorily. Some major duties are performed only once a year. 4. Significant level of communications skills in order to interpret and explain GAAP accounting procedures to other non-accountants and answer factual questions. 5. Ability to collect, analyze, and interpret data from various sources in order to solve problems or complete documents, reports, and the like. 6. Ability to follow existing procedures and instructions and to perform in terms of results expected, due dates and the like, as well as learn new procedures. 7. Ability to type/keyboard at least 55 words a minute. 8. Ability to use near vision in order to proofread for spelling, grammar, math, and content errors. 9. Basic, everyday living skills are needed, as is the ability to understand and follow directions. 10. Reading, writing, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing is necessary for preparing schedules and reports. 11. Knowledge of computers and software programs is essential, including spreadsheets, word processing, and accounting software. 12. Ability to organize and prioritize tasks and maintain confidentiality. 13. Punctual, predictable, and regular attendance. 14. Ability to work as a member of a team for smooth operation of the office. 15. Knowledge of records retention schedule. 16. Knowledge of FLSA, FMLA, PPPA, ERISA, and FSA. 17. Knowledge of labor union contracts and County benefits. 18. Ability to work in periodic stressful conditions and meet numerous deadlines. Ability to set work priorities and adapt to change in technology and work environment. 19. May require a records check, background check, or credit check. MARGINAL OR NON-ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: Other duties, which may come up from time to time, as assigned by the Finance Director. This position description has been prepared to assist in defining job responsibilities, physical demands, working conditions, and skills needed. It is not intended as a complete list of job duties, responsibilities, and/or essential functions. This description is not intended to limit or modify the right of any supervisor to assign, direct, and control the work of employees under supervision. The County retains and reserves any or all rights to change, modify, amend, add to or delete from any section of this document as it deems, in its judgment, to be proper.

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