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Created: Jun 22, 2018

Job Title:
Administrative Coordinator
Job Status:
Full Time
Job Category:
3-5 Years
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David Willingham
None Specified
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Job Description

Administrative Coordinator

The Administrative Coordinator shall exercise the following powers and duties, subject to the direction of the Finance Committee; which will have oversight for the position. This position was created by resolution in accordance with Wis. Statute 59.19 and may be assigned to any elected or appointed official by recommendation of the Finance Committee and approval, by resolution, of the County Board.

A. As directed by Wis. Statute 59.19, the Administrative Coordinator shall be responsible for coordinating all administrative and management functions of the county government not otherwise vested by law in boards or commissions, or in other elected officers; and

B. Shall act as liaison between the County Board and County departments; maintain personnel policies and procedures under the direction of the Personnel Committee; work cooperatively with the Corporation Counsel or other contracted labor attorneys regarding personnel and union questions, issues and grievances. Personnel duties would include, but may not be limited to, monitoring and giving preliminary approval for FMLA requests, monitoring and ensuring compliance with FLSA, and monitoring compliance with the Policy Manual among others.

C. Shall participate on the Insurance Committee and assist Finance personnel and the Personnel Committee with the administration and coordination of benefits for all employees.

D. Shall conduct monthly Department Head meetings to facilitate the sharing of information, conduct needed management training, and keep Department Heads informed as to issues related to the efficient operation of county government.

E. Shall assist the County Board and committees with the properly writing and presenting of resolutions, ordinances, policies, or regulations; provide data or information as requested by the County Board or committees.

F. Shall assist Department Heads with investigations of complaints of employee misconduct or any performance related issues as requested. Further shall receive all complaints against Department Heads, which will then be discussed with the Personnel Committee for a decision as to how to proceed with any further actions.

G. Shall act as Rusk Counties ADA and Equal Rights Compliance Officer.

Article A:
In addition to the general responsibilities of the coordination of administrative and management functions the administrative coordinator takes on assigned projects;
Special Projects assigned by County Board Chair
Example of recent projects;
• Ambulance Project
• Flambeau Mine Project
• Animal Shelter Project
• Rusk County Memorial Hospital Sale

Article B:
Serving as a liaison between the County Board and Departments, the administrative coordinator provides the supervision of the following areas;
• Oversight of FMLA
• Oversight of Comp Balances
• WPPA Negotiations
• Participate in Labor Updates, through Labor Attorney/Law Firm
• COBRA Notifications
• Enrollment of new employees (W4, WT4, I9, Personnel Handbook, Health Insurance and other benefits provided by the County.)
• Disciplinary situations/Complaint reviews
• Ad Hoc Hiring Committees
• Fair Labor Standards/Equal Opportunity Employment compliance.
• Point Factor Adjustments
• Personnel Handbook updates

Article C:
County provided insurance for the employees is a significant part of the annual budget. The annual cost is between 1.75 -1.9 million dollars. It is imperative that strategies as to utilization and long range planning take place to safeguard the affordability and sustainability of the coverage.
• Review of Population Metrics
• Physician, Inpatient, Outpatient, Prescription and ancillary trends analysis.
• Review of utilization benchmarks
• Review of medical management measures to reduce average allowed per Patient per Month
• Review Health Care /Insurance bids and bring forward to Personnel Committee with a recommendation.

Article D:
The county makes a significant investment conducting monthly Department Head meetings. It is essential that the allotted time be maximized and that critical information is disseminated thereby promoting efficient operations of the county government.
• Coordinate and facilitate monthly Department Head meetings
• Ensure County compliance on ADA/EEOC/FLSA/CRC trainings

Article E:
On average oversight committees gather once a month and make decisions that impact the daily operations of the departments they have oversight of. The administrative coordinator is often assigned the task of preparing resolutions, clarifying roles/responsibilities, mediating between committees and gather support information.
• Serve as a liaison on the department committees in order to provide consist practice within the County.
• Staying updated on County ordinances and how they impact committee decisions.
• Respond to requests from committees as to preparing Performa/analysis of projects.
• Assist with monthly budget projections/financials
• Special projects assigned by Committee Chairs

Article F:
As federal, state and local municipalities issue new laws and update existing ones, we as a public employer must be up to date on these laws and changes, how they affect the county and our employees.
The administrative coordinator needs to safeguard the county against claims of wrongful termination, also known as a wrongful discharge or a wrongful dismissal.
The handling of performance related issues needs to be consistent with the policies established by the County.
• Updates/training of Department Administrators as to disciplinary procedures/policy
• Coordinate between Department Administrators/County Labor Attorney/Personnel, actions taken/ disciplinary steps/procedures. Compliance with FLSA.

Article G:
Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VII)
The Pregnancy Discrimination Act
The Equal Pay Act of 1963 (EPA)
The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 (ADEA)
Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA)
Sections 102 and 103 of the Civil Rights Act of 1991
Sections 501 and 505 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973

The aforementioned rules/laws govern us as a public entity. The County is required to submit a plan every three years, demonstrating compliance and setting forth practices to assure future compliance.
The County has to track compliance, update polices/practices and make available for inspection documentation of our actions/compliance upon request.

Rusk County

Administrative Coordinator

Rusk County is accepting applications and resumes for a full time Administrative Coordinator. Responsibilities of the position include but not limited to; coordination of all administrative and management functions of the county government not otherwise vested by law in boards or commissions. (Please refer to job description for further explanation of responsibilities.)

Bachelor Degree in related field, with a minimum of four years of experience in administration of a public entity. Preference will be given to individuals who hold a Master Degree in related field and or administrative experience in county government. Current annual salary is $80,990.00 however negotiable based on qualifications and work experience.

Resumes & Applications can be sent to:

Rusk County Clerk’s Office
311 Miner Ave. E. Suite C150
Ladysmith, WI 54848

Any questions regarding this position contact David Willingham, County Board Chair, at 715-205-3742 or email dwillingham@ruskcountywi.us

Closing date for accepting applications is 4:30 p.m. July 20th, 2018. Applications and complete job description are available at Rusk County Clerk’s Office, 311 Miner Ave. E. Suite C150, Ladysmith, WI 54848 or on line on the Rusk County’s website at www.ruskcounty.org.

This institution is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer.

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