Shari Spies

We would like to nominate Shari Spies for a Sunshine Award because of all the hard work and dedication she puts in day after day. Our staff is one big huge family and is treated as such. Shari has a heart of gold, always doing for others before herself. We have had much sickness in our group and Shari has been there to help with donations and love. If any of us cannot afford tools to work, she provides them, no questions asked. If someone needs a day off she works hard to help them and still be able to fit clients in. She is always there to offer a hug, advice, or just love.
Bravo Salon and Spa is celebrating 10 years. Most people don’t realize how hard it is to run a business and to still continue to work behind the chair 40 hours a week; it really is unheard of. She knows how to manage her time well and makes it work somehow. We work in a beautiful place and it is a joy to come to work daily. We have an amazing boss and coach and she is genuinely concerned about each and every employee and guests alike. We are truthfully blessed that Shari gave us the chance to be part of the Bravo team that she has developed. She really started Bravo on a dream and a few dollars and just about ten years later we are going strong and we have so much to thank her for in return. She is an inspiration to many to follow your dreams!
Elizabeth Cerny, Rachelle Flater, and Dilly Campbell