Sheriff Mark Kelsey

I wish to nominate Sheriff Mark Kelsey of Sawyer County, Wisconsin for the honor of your Sunshine Award. He has shown my mother, Annie, and I great respect and kindness when we stopped by his office. Sawyer County will lose a fine and giving humanitarian when he retires in September prematurely from service due to health reasons. I’m sure that most citizens, except the bad guys, will miss his courteous service. I am going to especially miss his work with the public and with the LCO Nation. A lot of this was documented in the Sawyer County Gazette and other publications so we felt it in the news. I hope that Mark will have good times with his family now that he’s retired and the community where he grew up will not forget him. I’m sorry that Mom, Annie, and I did not have a more personal relationship with this fine man.
Fritz Luensman