Ohio police department adopts first pit bull police K-9

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CLAY TOWNSHIP, Ohio (WTVG) -- He's not your typical officer, but don't let his wagging tail fool you. Leonard is ready to work.

"Two more days and he'll be out on patrol," said Chief Terry Mitchell of Clay Township Police Department in Ohio.

Chief Mitchell says working with a dog is certainly different, but it's already proving to be a great decision. Leonard was adopted out of Union County, Ohio, and his road to Clay Township wasn't necessarily a smooth one.

Leonard was deemed unadoptable because of a strong will and a high "ball drive." But the director of the Union County Humane Society saw something special in the pup; something that would be perfect for law enforcement.

"He's a single purpose dog and his purpose is just finding narcotics," Chief Mitchell said.

But he isn't what you'd consider your traditional police dog. Leonard is a pit bull; in fact, the chief says he's the only pit bull police K-9 in Ohio. He admits, at first, he was a little apprehensive about the breed.

"I read up and learned about them and they're not any more vicious than any other dog. Any dog can bite. The pit bull is not any more inclined to do that than any other dog," he said.

Once the two met, it was clear it was a perfect fit.

"It just keeps getting better and better," the chief said.