Leinenkugel's celebrate 150th anniversary

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CHIPPEWA FALLS, Wis. (WEAU) -- Starting right here in the Chippewa Valley, Leinenkugel has become a household name, and today Leine’s continues its celebration of 150 years

The Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company was founded in Chippewa Falls in May of 1867.

"Both of us remember our great great grandfather that started it with his best friend, John Miller, 150 years ago,” says Jake Leinenkugel, former president ofJacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company. “So everything we do is in their honor."

This weekend, six generations of Leinenkugels, look back on 150 years, and bring Leine’s lovers from across the nation to celebrate.

"We just take a lot of pride in being from Chippewa Falls,” says John Leinenkugel of Leinenkugel Brewing Company. “Here we were born and raised in the Chippewa Falls community and it's great to see everyone come out and celebrate our 150th anniversary with us.”

So thousands came out to listen to live music, play games, eat and do what Leinie’s fans do best.

"It's the best beer out there,” says Joe Braunhold.

“Oh absolutely,” his brother, John Braunhold says. “That's why we're not even using cups, we're just using pitchers, because we are also sustainable just like the Leinenkugel family, if we use cups it's wasteful.

And when it comes to the Leinenkugel's famous summer brew?

"I love Summer Shandy,” says a big Leine’s fan at the event. “I pretty much bathe in it every day and I drink it every other day."

"My wife even named the dog Shandy!” says Rick Hess of Chicago. ”The dog is called Shandy because of Summer Shandy."

But for the Leinenkugel family the celebration is all about bringing Leine’s lovers to the place where it all began.

"Once home to 2500 thirsty lumberjacks here in a town of no women, and now a lot of Leine’s fans across the country come here and visit us right here in Chippewa Falls Wisconsin,” says John Leinenkugel.