10 Body secrets you probably didn't know

(WEAU) - In our Health Beat, ears, nose and fingers. They may seem ordinary to the naked eye, but there may be clues in your body that can link you to certain health risks.

There are ten secrets about the body, you may not know.

In our #1 secret, according to two studies published in Journal of Communications, the smaller the ratio between your index finger and your ring finger the higher the risk for verbal aggression.

Then, the #2 body secret relates to your appearance and heart health. A study done in Copenhagen followed 11,000 men and women for 35 years. It found that the older you look your heart will suffer because of it.

According to the Journal of Neurology (2008), our #3 secret is women with short arms may be 1 ½ times more likely to get Alzheimer's disease. Researchers believe early nutrient deficiencies in childhood may contribute to this link.

In the #4 secret, according to a study published in the Journal Anesthesiology, red heads may experience more pain than those who have other hair colors.

The Journal Neurology published a study showing our #5 secret. It found that obese people with a large belly are more than 3 time more likely to be diagnosed with dementia.

Then, our #6 secret related to fingers. The Institute of Cancer research found men with index fingers longer than ring finger are 1/3 less likely to get prostate cancer.

In our #7 secret, the Western Journal of Medicine study summarized 25 years of research and found people with smaller bodies live longer.

A professor at Queen Margaret University in the United Kingdom has the #8 secret. She found left handers are more at risk for PTSD. The likelihood almost doubles than that in right handers.

For the #9 secret, according to Journal Brain 24 subjects out of 44 showed that the loss of smell may be a sign of Parkinson's disease.

Then the #10 and final secret is in Journal Stroke that involved 6,200 subjects. It showed that the larger your calf is, the smaller the risk for stroke.