Stranger Helps Mom With Baby

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Mary Lou Harshman was outside in her garage getting ready for a family birthday party at about 10:00 a.m. Sunday. It was then a woman approached her with a baby, asking for help. The woman told Harshman she found the baby behind the Chippewa County Highway Department buildings.

Harshman says the baby's umbilical cord was still attached and the baby was wrapped in a blood-soaked towel. She says she didn't think it was alive, called 911, and got the baby to cry.

Chippewa Falls Police questioned the woman and say the woman didn't find the baby, but was actually the mother.

Captain Wayne Nehring says police will confer with the district attorney's office for potential charges against the 20-year-old mother from the Chippewa Falls area. The baby girl is said to be doing fine.