Libertarian VP Candidate Visits Eau Claire

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The third parties are putting themselves on the ballots in many states. The Libertarian Presidential candidate Michael Badnarik is currently on the ballot in 41 states, compared with Ralph Nader, who is listed in only 23.

Polls suggest the Libertarian ticket could pull votes away from the two major parties, but on a visit to Eau Claire Thursday, Badnarik's running mate, Richard Campagna claims the party is garnering its own legitimate supporters.

"We will impact the election and again, we're running on our own ideas, our own platforms with our own candidates," says Campagna. "We don't want to tip it in favor of anyone or spoil it. We honestly feel that there is no difference when you get down to it."

Campagna says in his experience, the party seems to draw support equally from Republicans and Democrats, as well as independent voters.