Body Found in Dells Pond Identified

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Eau Claire Police say the man whose body was found in Dells Pond Wednesday was drinking heavily before his death. They've identified him as Thomas Zaborowski, a 43-year-old from Eau Claire.

Don Bestul found Zaborowski's body on Wednesday afternoon. Bestul was in a canoe on the pond, when he said he saw an object near an area dam. He went in for a closer look, and realized it was a body.

"He was looking pretty gray," Bestul said, "So I found someone with a cell phone and called 911."

Officers responded to an area known by many as "The Cliffs." Kids go there to jump into the pond from the rocks above.

"We've learned through the investigation that he was with friends, consuming alcohol at Mount Simon," said Lieutenant John Arnette of the Eau Claire Police Department.

An autopsy is scheduled for Friday. Police haven't released how, where, or when Zaborowski died.