Eau Claire County Residents Can Dump Hazardous Wastes

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Collection of hazardous wastes from county households begins at 9:00am Saturday until 1:00pm at Waste Research and Reclamation.
WRR is located just south of Interstate 94 on Wisconsin Highway 93.
Turn west on Lorch Avenue, then south along the frontage road.

People wanting to dispose of wastes must be Eau Claire County residents. Proof of residency is required, and no wastes can be
deposited as the result of business activity; only residential.

There is no dumping fee for things like herbicides, roof tar, cleaners,
solvents, thinners & shellacs, polishes, old fuels, pesticides and fertilizers. But there is a fee for anti-freeze, aerosol cans, dry cell batteries, latex paint, and fluorsecent lamps.

Two additional Clean Sweeps are scheduled for October 9 and November 13.

Not accepted: radioactive materials, explosives, pressurized cylinders, medical and infectious wastes, lead acid batteries and motor oil.