UW-Eau Claire Popular on the Campaign Trail Thursday

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Independent Presidential candidate Ralph Nader received a warm reception from students at UW-Eau Claire Thursday afternoon, a stark contrast to the reception he's been getting from the state's Democrats, who are challenging his attempt to get on the November ballot and from poll respondents, who put him in the low single digits even though he garnered more than 94,000 cotes in the state.

In Eau Claire, Nader spoke to a packed auditorium, pledging to support students where he says the major parties have failed, like health care after graduation, and the continued rise of tuition costs.

Nader praised Senator Russ Feingold for opposing the Patriot Act, but says for the most part, the major parties are corrupt.

"They have turned themselves into business agents of large corporations that fund their operations," says Nader. "That's why they have surrendered out government in Washington to the Exxons to the Pfizers to the General Motors to the Mobiles to the Duponts. I now say we have a government of the General Motors by the Exxons for the Duponts."

Cate Edwards also spoke to UW-Eau Claire students earlier about the importance of making their voices heard in the upcoming general election and talked about how students would benefit from a vote the Kerry-Edwards ticket.