Farm Aid Photographer

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After two photographers backed out of an assignment, a UW-Eau Claire student recently received a call from one of his favorite bands to take pictures of a concert in Seattle.

The Farm Aid concert took place last weekend, and Blugold senior Shawn Everhart worked as an official photographer for singer Dave Matthews. Everhart has not taken any formal photography classes, but says it's his hobby to travel to concerts and take pictures of the performers.

At an earlier Dave Matthews Band concert, the amateur told a media relations person sitting next to him about his photography.

"I gave him my in for and that was a couple years ago," says Everhart. "Then, all the sudden last week, they called and wanted to know if I wanted to come out to Seattle and help them out."

Although Everhart will graduate this December with a business major, he said he's keeping his job options open and is considering professional photography as a career.