Green Beret Kerry Supporter in Eau Claire

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Jim Rassmann, who appeared in television ads supporting John Kerry, said in Eau Claire Tuesday that he is "frightened of George Bush and his policies in Iraq." Rassmann spoke to local Democrats and said that while is still a Republican he cannot support Bush's reelection.

Rassmann was pulled from the Mekong River in South Vietnam in 1968 after being wounded in a firefight. John Kerry, commander of a navy swift boat, pulled Rassmann from the water. Rassmann, an Army Green Beret in Vietnam, spent his civilian career as a Los Angeles police officer.

In Eau Claire, he said Bush's decision to "stay the course in Iraq is not good at all for the U.S." and America's standing the in global community.
Rassman says the controversy over the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth is all but over after "people came out of the woodwork and proved the ads to be untrue."