Cheney Rally in Eau Claire

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Vice President Dick Cheney and his wife were warmly welcomed by a crowd of supporters at Choice Products USA, a company that manufactures food for group fundraisers.

Lynne Cheney introduced her husband by talking of their links to the state, including the VP attending graduate school at UW-Madison and their first daughter being born here.
Cheney also remembered his time working for former Governor Noales. "Much of what I accomplished later in my career had a lot to do with the start I got in Wisconsin and I am always delighted to come back."

The major issues in the campaign were addressed early, in particular the importance of country's efforts against the war on terror.

"Today, we face an enemy every bit as intent to destroy us as the Axis Powers were in World War II."

While the President is breaking from campaigning, Cheney took over his regular role of attacking Democrat John Kerry. "America faces a choice on November 2 between a strong and steadfast president and his opponent, who seems to adopt a new position everyday."

Cheney also criticized what he calls Kerry's liberal record. "A senator can be wrong for 20 years without consequence to the nation but a president always casts the deciding vote and in this time of challenges, America needs and America has a president we can count on to get it right."

The Vice President will continue on the campaign trail to swing state Minnesota Wednesday.