Mondovi Student Gets Perfect ACT Score

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Only three students scored a perfect 36 on the American College Testing exam or ACT on June 12.

Laura Korthauer was one of them.

She took the test in December and got 31, but decided she wanted to try again in hopes of a better shot at certain scholarships.

Mondovi's Principal said he'd never seen a 36 on the ACT in his career. He thinks Korthauer's success could catch on in the semesters to come.

"It's good for the school and for the community as well to have someone who's done so well," he said.

When Korthauser first saw the result, she was so surprised she could hardly speak.

"I hope it has some sort of impact to make other people try to do better themselves when they take it," she said.

Laura hasn't picked out a college just yet, but she has her search narrowed down to the University of Wisconsin in Madison, Marquette, and a school in Minnesota. She's considering a major in English or history.