Nader Ruling

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Ralph Nader garnered 94,000 votes in Wisconsin in the 2000 presidential election, but he is now struggling to be listed on the state's ballot.

County clerks were expecting the state elections board to get them the final list of certified names by Tuesday. Instead, they're waiting to hear the outcome of the state's Supreme Court case between the Nader Campaign and the state Democratic Party, which says Nader failed to meet the standards for ballot access.

Eau Claire's County Clerk Janet Loomis says regardless of the decision, supporters can still vote for Nader.

"If he is not on the ballot a person can still vote for Mr. Nader by putting his name in the President-Vice President section," says Loomis.

She also says that absentee envelopes are ready to be sent out, with the exception of the ballot and if the decision comes Thursday, they may still be sent out in time to meet their Oct. 3 deadline.