Alice in Dairyland Visits Eau Claire

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With more than 16,000 different farms in the state, agriculture is an important industry, and a special program for Wisconsin's fourth graders helps to teach kids about healthy, homegrown products.

Alice in Dairyland met with the fourth graders at Lakeshore Elementary School this afternoon to talk with students about the importance pf farming in the state.
She had some assistance from Mr. Health, a tool to illustrate how Wisconsin products are part of a healthy lifestyle.

"By teaching these 4th graders about the different products they can eat to stay healthy and to let them know they come from Wisconsin, their home state, and I think this is very important," says Betsy Francoeur, this year's Alice. "They'll be lifelong supporters of Wisconsin agriculture."

Students had to solve riddles about different foods like cheese, cranberries and beef to fill in Mr. Health's silhouette.