Rock the Vote in Wisconsin

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There are many different movements this election season to introduce youth voters into the political cycle.

MTV's "Rock the Vote" stopped in Menomonie at UW-Stout today to kick off the college campus part of their nationwide bus tour.

Besides registering students, the tour is hosting live music and activities, as well as both the Democrat and Republican groups on campus.

"Rock the Vote" is working alongside the New Voters Project, and organizers say Tuesday's events will mean a large boost to registration totals.

"Whenever somebody hears music, they're going to gravitate to that and so people are going to see [registration booths]," says Greg Carey, of the New Voters Project. "With this year's election, they're going to be even more inclined to be politically aware."

The New Voters Project has already met their goal to register 2300 students on campus.

"Rock the Vote" will make its second and final Wisconsin stop on UW-Madison's campus Friday.