Flu Vaccine Requirements

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The Centers for Disease Control says adults 65 or older or those with high risk health concerns will be allowed to get the vaccine this year. In years past persons between 55-64 have been urged to get the shot but will not be allowed to this year unless they fit into the high risk category.

Also all women who will be pregnant during the flu season should be vaccinated.

Children between the ages of six and twenty three months should be given the vaccine. To produce a good response, the first year that they get it, children under nine years of age may need two doses of the vaccine given at least one month apart.

Children under 12 years should receive the 'split virus' influenza shot, which is associated with fewer side effects than the 'whole virus' influenza vaccine.

And all health care providers should also be vaccinated.

For more information you can visit University Hospital's website at www.uwhealth.org or the Center's for Disease Control at www.cdc.gov/flu/protect/whoshouldget.htm