Local Plastics Company Is Part of $5.1 Million Defense Deal

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The modern-day soldier can expect lots of movement and battle during their service to our country, making Meals Ready to Eat or MRE's their best bet for food.

Apparently the rations are not staying fresh as long as the Department of Defense would like, as they are investing $5.1 million in an effort to make MRE's last longer and become tamper-resistant.

Knowing the Pliant Corporation's reputation for food packaging, they called on Pliant employees to help in the effort. Many of them will work on the project at the Chippewa Falls plant.

They'll be trying to bulk up the packages with multiple layers of plastic to keep the food air-tight.

"We will be hiring another two technicians and probably another engineer that will be based out of this facility," said Technical Services Manager James Misna.

"In the long run, it will help out for new jobs, not only here, but maybe new construction of new machinery," said Senior Development Technician Keith Nelson.

Fulfilling the agreement means sending hundreds of working examples to the Department of Defense, and could mean future deals for Pliant to make more of them.