Caesarian Sections on the Rise

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A recent study in the British Medical Journal shows use of the procedure has increased 67 percent among American women since 1991.

Experts say it's partly because it's more convenient and allows mothers more control over when they have their babies.

A doctor from Sacred Heart Hospital says she hasn't performed any elective C-sections, but has more people inquire about the procedure.

"You put your life on hold for about a month where anytime in there you might go into the hospital to have a baby," says Dr. Donna Schoenfelder, herself a mother of two. "Depending on your profession and what you do, that might be very disruptive."

Schoenfelder also speculated that since surgeries in general aren't as risky, the procedure is used more than it has been in the past.

C-sections are generally used in cases when the safety of the mother or the baby is threatened, but is still considered major abdominal surgery.