A Fishing Student

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It's a hobby many use to escape the daily grind of work.
And a few years ago, fishing walleye was just that for 37-year old Nick Johnson, a hobby.
Work was welding and driving a fork lift in Baldwin, but when he lost his job, he chose to follow a dream.
Johnson decided to take a year to fish professional walleye tournaments.
But he didn't want to depend solely on fishing and that's when he made the decision to enroll at Chippewa Valley Technical College.
So far, it's paid off. His biggest catch came when he won the R-C-L Walleye Championship this summer in Mississippi, reelin' in 300-thousand dollars in winnings.
But even after capturing a pro-championship and several sponsorships, Johnson isn't closing the books.
"I'm hoping to come back and finish my semester, it's just that when you do well you kind cotta get out there," says Johnson.
But it's obvious his fishing and marketing skills are a winning combination.