Seed for Deer Plots is Locally Mixed

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Since the spread of chronic wasting disease forced state leaders to restrict or ban the baiting and feeding of Wisconsin deer, interest in some way to lure deer for the hunting season is peaking. An option that's a part of the trend is planting a deer plot before the season, and many of the seeds you'll find in a neighborhood store or co-op were mixed in Western Wisconsin.

The La Crosse Forage and Turf Seed Company was ahead of their time 20 years ago, when they introduced new seeds designed to grow into deer-attracting plants.

"It was kind of a slow start with everybody getting into the specialty deer mixes," said Vice President Jeff Curran.

They were made from clovers and other ingredients used in rotational grazing, a strategy used to feed farm animals in Europe.

The same plants are shipped to the company from far away places like Europe and Canada.

One of their four locally-mixed products is a turnip seed designed to take shape in the eight weeks leading up to the gun-deer season.

"The sugars congregate after a couple of hard frosts, and the deer just love it," Curran said.

The seeds have turned a seasonal item into year-round sales across the Midwest.

Wisconsin's gun-deer season begins on November 20.