Flu Shot Clinic

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The shortage of the flu vaccine now has the government stepping in. Some locations around the country are enacting penalties for vaccinating low risk individuals.

Gov. Jim Doyle is joining health officials in the state for requesting that only those in the high risk categories of elderly people, chronically ill, young children, health care workers or pregnant women past their first trimester.

At a flu shot clinic Friday in Eau Claire, residents turned out in the hundreds to be vaccinated. WINS Occupational Health Services scheduled the clinic to start at 2:00, but began as soon as they were set up since people were already waiting.

Health officials have been saying all along that only those most at risk for serious health effects should receive the limited supply of vaccine.

"At this moment," says WINS Tracy Fry, "there is still a shortage and we need to not be panicky but to plan to allow those who are high risk get it first."

Health officials are also asking all residents to take precautions from getting the flu, like regular hand washing and staying home if you have a fever; 850 people were vaccinated at Friday’s clinic.