Gun Deer Hunting Season

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Eau Claire Conservation Warden, Mark Brann, says kill numbers seem to be up because of the high numbers of tags sold.

"I saw a fair amount of individuals I spoke to, success rate seemed to be pretty god. Some of the buck deer that were killed had better than average size racks this year," says Brann.

He says the weather cooperated with the hunt, and today's snow should aid in hunter's enthusiasm for the final day, but the hunt was tainted by the Sawyer County shootings.

"Certainly the tree stand murders while not directly related to hunting occurred during a hunt, cast a terrible paul over everybody and collectively all the public in the nation is doing a head shake of bewilderment."

Brann called last Sunday's events a tragedy and he hopes people aren't deterred from hunting.

A ten day muzzle loader season will begin on Monday, and a four day antlerless T-Zone hunt in the southern half of the state is planned for the upcoming months.