Funerals Monday For Last Two Victims of Hunter Killings

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Rice Lake area residents Monday buried the last two hunters killed in a shooting rampage.

Mourners at a rural Barron County church in Dobie stood in the aisle and spilled onto the front steps to pay respects to Dennis Drew. The 55-year-old was eulogized by his sister Marilyn Peplau of New Richmond, Wisconsin.

Earlier, several hundred people gathered at a church in Rice Lake for the funeral of 27-year-old Jessica Willers, a surgical technician. Her father, Terry Williers, survived the shootings. The Reverend Jim Powers of St. Joseph Catholic Church gave the eulogy.

Funerals for the other four victims were held Friday and Saturday.

36-year-old Chai Vang of St. Paul was formally charged Monday in the killings, and is being held in the Sawyer County jail at Hayward.