Chippewa County Hunting Accident

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Forty-two year-old, Eau Claire native, Louie Gunderson was hunting with a few others when they decided to join up with a larger party just north of Cornell.

"They were setting up a deer drive which is typical in Wisconsin. You have standers and you have drivers. I believe Mr. Gunderson was a stander and people were going to drive the woods and get the deer to run out and get toward him," says DNR Recreation Safety Warden, Bill Yearman.

"It was one of those split second things, I saw the deer coming across the field, then I just thought quickly in my head, I hope those guys don't shoot me," says Gunderson.

At that moment, Gunderson said he was hit and he dropped to the ground. He says he put his finger in the bullet wound on his left side, near his heart.

As he tried to stop the bleeding, Gunderson says he flagged down a truck which took him to Cornell, and by good fortune they came across an ambulance. He underwent surgery last evening at Luther Midelfort Hospital where doctors removed the bullet.

The avid hunter is at home recuperating.