UWEC Senior Named as 2005 Rhodes Scholar

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Chauncy Harris, Jr. is graduating in only three years this spring with a double major in history and geography.

He is president of three honor societies, an eagle scout, and took two years off to serve fulltime as a missionary in Italy.

During the next two years, Harris plans to study cultural, religious, and ethnic differences in groups in Middle Eastern cities.

"All of humanity shares the same basic problems, and they're all struggling," says Harris. "It doesn't matter if you're a Palestinian youth or if you're an Israeli youth. You're still dealing with the same problems of your parents feeding your family, getting a job, and trying to live in a place where you have peace."

The award is a legacy for his family since his great uncle was a Rhodes Scholar in 1930.

Chauncy says it was one of his dying wishes for him to apply for the scholarship.