Nader Petitions

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The campaign for Independent Presidential Candidate Ralph Nader has had a difficult time in Wisconsin.

Only a few weeks ago, the state's Supreme Court ruled to keep Nader on the ballot, despite efforts of state Democrats.

Now, the campaign's state coordinator says a UW-Madison student with known Republican ties tried to turn in petitions that supported Nader on the ballot.

"He showed up with 3,000 signatures and he tried to pass off as a Nader supporter, and wouldn't answer any questions," says Bill Linville. "We didn't take any signatures from people who weren't working directly with us and there was obviously something fishy going on."

Collecting signatures for a candidate that you don't plan to support with your vote could carry felony charges in Wisconsin.

Some political analysts say Republicans support Nader's Campaign because they believe he will draw votes from the Democrats.