Local Students Job Shadow the Pros

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Through Junior Achievement, nearly 300 students spent Friday morning shadowing professionals in 50-local businesses. Five spent their time at the Eau Claire Police Department.

Police seemingly are always around when they're needed, but staffing can become a problem in law enforcement.

"We turnover personnel all the time," says Community Relations Officer Jack Corey.

"We need to know that members of the community are interested in doing the profession."

The future of the industry may be a little brighter thanks to Logan Shill.

He's one of the five high school students getting an insider's perspective by shadowing officers.

He's not riding along with an officer like some of the others.

"I chose the communication center because it's something I’m interested in, I might want to do that instead," Shill says.

The dispatchers work with 14 different agencies in the area, along with ordinary people calling for help.

The experience taught Logan just how overwhelming it can get.

All of the kids will either have a head start, or they'll know it's not for them before they invest time and money in it. Logan's outlook hasn't changed.

"It helped me to know that this is what I for sure want to do and maybe start looking at colleges that offer me a program like this,” Logan says.

As well as helping him connect with people who could jumpstart his career in the years ahead.