Bush Visits Onalaska

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Around 2,500 people turned out for the rally Tuesday morning and heard President Bush speak about a broad range of topics, about the war on terror and issues here at home like growing the economy, and Mr. Bush says it starts with small businesses.

"I believe the economy grows by growing the size of the coffers of small businesses."

The President said keeping the tax cuts and stopping unnecessary lawsuits are two ways small businesses can continue to grow and create more jobs.

He also said the election comes down to five choices for families which was a theme through out his speech.

President Bush says security, budget, quality of life, retirement, and values are critical to the country's future and the President said he will deliver those qualities to families if re-elected.

President Bush also touched on the War in Iraq thanking families of soldiers for their sacrifice and the saying the strategy on the war needs to stay strong and consistent.

The stop in Onalaska was the first of a four city bus tour through out South West Wisconsin and Iowa.