Children Voters

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At Immaculate Conception School in Eau Claire, 6th graders ran the polling stations for other students to choose the next president.

Across town at Altoona Middle School, students know they still have a few years until they can cast a really ballot, but by then, they want voting to be a habit.
"I think it's a good experience for kids (to prepare) for them to vote when they are older," says Paige, a 5th grade voter.

"It prepares them for the future and when you do get to vote, you'll be ready," says Ivy, an 8th grade polling organizer.

The results from each of the mock elections are as follows:

Immaculate Conception School

George W. Bush - 211
John Kerry - 57

Altoona Middle School

George W. Bush - 214
John Kerry - 189
Ralph Nader - 30