Another Suspect Arrested

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There's new information about an armed robbery that led to a high speed chase Wednesday morning.

Three suspects who were in the car when it crashed were initially arrested, but further investigation led Eau Claire Police to arrest a fourth person, the clerk who was working at the time of the robbery.

Twenty-one-year-old Justin Kolm was working alone at the Mega Mart located off Highway 93. Police say he handed over money from the store's cash register as well as the safe.

Nineteen-year-olds John Auman and Lee Ware were initially arrested along with 22-year-old Amanda Hodges after leading police on a chase through Eau Claire County at speeds of up to 70 miles per hour. The chase ended when the suspect's white Pontiac Sunfire hit three parked cars on Kirk Street.

The three received minor injuries from the crash and were taken into custody and arrested after they were treated.

Investigations then indicated employee involvement. "The evidence tends to point one direction or another as we get into the investigation so it's not something we overlook," says Chief Investigator Gary Foster.

The undisclosed amount of money and other goods were recovered. Police say they will turn the case over to the district attorney this week.