Doyle Visits Washington, D.C.

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Gov. Jim Doyle visited the nation's capital Monday to convince the Pentagon that Wisconsin should be spared from next year's list of military base closings and consolidations.

Next summer, a presidential commission will be appointed to draw up such a list as a way to cut wasteful or duplicate spending.

Doyle says closing or consolidating any of the state's military installation would affect a health chunk of the state's economy and could also hurt the preparedness of the country's armed forces.

"I did make the point and made it repeatedly Ft. McCoy can do the job," said Doyle in a phone interview. "In the last year, we did not miss a day of training because of weather. In a prepared military as you look into the future you better not just have warm weather training facilities. It may be Iraq today but it could be, I hope it won't be, but it could be a colder climate in the future."

The base closing process is not related to an earlier decision to end wintertime training at Fort McCoy for soldiers who are bound for the deserts of Iraq and Afghanistan.