School Supplies and Person Care Items Needed

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This is the 17th year for the trip, but its first year organizers from UW-Eau Claire are asking the community to make donations for them to bring along.

School supplies and toiletries are what places like the public school system, medical facilities, and homeless shelters need most, and the group visits seven in Washington D.C.

Last year, senior Sara Foster saw the impact of the few things the group brought themselves.

"We had two backpacks," said Foster. "And we gave them to kids that had never had a backpack, and their faces just lit up and they were just so excited. I just realized that every little bit counts, and every little bit more that we can raise and bring really helps them out."

Donations are being accepted at the Ecumenical Religious Center on campus until the group leaves on January 8.

For more information, email Foster at or Pastor Don Wisner, the leader of the trip at