Vice President Dick Cheney Visits Eau Claire

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Local Republicans are in the midst of a 72-hour blitz for votes in Tuesday's election. They're going door-to-door and making phone calls to win over as many voters as they can. Their cheerleader in the effort is none other than Vice President Dick Cheney.

He visited Eau Claire this morning and spoke to around 200 people in a tent outside the Eau Claire County Republican Party Headquarters. Cheney only spoke for about 10 minutes, but he wants to make it clear to supporters that he and President Bush are committed to eliminating the terrorist threat.

"What we're concerned about in the long term, obviously, is to get the United States in better shape," Cheney said, "more secure and prosperous when we pass it on to our kids and grandkids."

Cheney also said John Kerry's goal is simply to reduce terrorism to a manageable level.

After his speech, the Vice President shook hands and talked to the staffers and volunteers trying to get the vote until Election Day.