"Band of Sisters" Join Cheney Protest

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The "Band of Sister" is made up of women who have loved ones serving in Iraq or who have been killed there during their tour of duty.

They've hitched on to Cheney's campaign trail because they say he and the president have failed to tell the truth about what's really happening.

Brooke Campbell, whose younger brother Ryan died in Baghdad in April, says she's speaking up for him.

"He realized the military was being completely overused and abused and overextended to meet the ends of the Bush Administration's foreign policy needs in Iraq," says Campbell.
Her story is featured on a political ad sponsored by the PAC, Moveon.org, playing in eight states including Wisconsin.

Campbell also says that in her final email from her brother, he told her not to support President Bush.

His tour of duty had been extended and four days after he was scheduled to go home, he was killed in a car bomb with seven other soldiers.