UW-Stout Professor Accused

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A husband and father of two, Scott Orme, has known the girl since she was in the 4th grade. Prosecutors say a relationship formed when the girl sought Orme's counseling services, and later she became a babysitter to his children.

E-mails were exchanged after he moved from Utah to work at UW-Stout in the fall of 2000, but it didn't become a matter for the court system until November 16th of that year. It was then, the girl's mother intercepted e-mails and alerted authorities.

"When he came back to Utah he was at his home, and I guess probably waiting for the girl to show up, but instead law enforcement showed up and arrested him and charges were screened to the prosecutor but not pursued at that time and what should have happened is someone federally should have prosecuted," says Special Assistant U.S. Attorney, Paul Amann.

However, Orme's attorney says his client broke no laws.

"Scott is adament that he is not guilty of any criminal wrong-doing in this case," says Chris Van Wagner.

In response, the U.S. Attorney General's Office faxed us letters, notes, and mixed CD title sheets that showed Orme believed he had a special relationship with the girl. In one note, he apologized to the girl's parents for, in his words, "destroying their trust".

Orme met with Stout officials Monday morning to discuss his future.

"We listened to his explanations of the situation and then subsequently placed him on paid administrative leave and that will be his status until the matter is resolved," says UW-Stout administration official, John Enger.

Orme is free on bond because a federal magistrate in Madison says he isn't a flight risk. He will travel to Utah for his first federal court appearance on January 12th.