Border-Battle Anticipation

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Oakwood Mall is buzzing in the hours before the Christmas holiday, but the true hot topic isn't really clear. Holiday gift giving may be taking a back seat to the NFL's week 16 opener, and everybody's got their pick to win.

"The Packers all the way," said Fred Lane of Stanley, "I've always been a packer fan, go pack."

"I'm hoping the Vikings will win," a woman from Baldwin told us.

"That would be a good Christmas present!"

The gift that's sitting under the tree in this case is wrapped in a complex formula that could come down to the teams' record versus common opponents. Anyway you slice it, whoever wins is the North Division champion.

Local packer fans know their team won't be able to get away with many mistakes.

"They're gonna have to be on their best game," said Chuck Johnson of Eau Claire. "Running wise, passing, defensive as well, the whole nine yards."

Brandon Timlin of Stanley agrees.

"If they get the running game going, they should be able to hit em' through the air a couple times too."

With the green and gold on 1-side, purple and gold on the other, we turned to the red and white, a man at the mall dressed as Santa Claus.

"I might peek in, but I don't have any sides because they're both good football teams," Santa said. All he's looking for is a clean game, with an encore next winter that's not so close to Christmas.

"That bothers me a little bit, cause it might be a little distracting but i think it'll work out."

If you've got an opinion to share on whether it'll work out better for the Vikings or the Packers, let us know by voting on Thursday's poll question.