Priest's Death Ruled Suicide

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The death of a priest outside his rectory at a Hurley church has officially been ruled a suicide.

Thirty-one-year-old Reverend Ryan Erickson was found hanged between the St. Mary's church and rectory Sunday morning.

Erickson was questioned recently in an unsolved double murder two years ago at a funeral home in Hudson, where he formerly was assigned.

Dan O'Connell and James Ellison were found dead at the O'Connell Family Funeral Home in Hudson on a February afternoon in 2002. O'Connell was the director and Ellison an intern at the funeral home.

Police announced the coroner's official ruling Thursday in a brief statement without elaborating or saying whether there were suicide notes, as some news reports have indicated.

Erickson had served parishes is Hudson, Ladysmith and Hurley.
Police had seized his computer and hunting questions after questioning him. A short time later he commited suicide.