School Reopens

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Menomonie High School has reopened without incident Monday morning after an unspecific threat to students closed the school last Friday.

Menomonie Police had officers both inside and outside the school building while students were greeted at all entrances by school officials. Students also have more restrictions placed on when they can enter the school, be in the hallways or parking lot, and which doors they may enter after school starts.

School officials say students are dealing well with the temporary changes. "They seemed very comfortable coming in the doors," says district administrator Jesse Harness. "They greeted me with a good morning. I think they feel comfortable coming into school."

After following leads over the weekend, it was deemed unnecessary to search the backpacks of all the students.

A letter that threatened harm to students was found on a school printer more than a week ago, and a deadline in the letter prompted the cancellation of classes and activities last Friday.