International Red Cross Asks for Donations to the Relief Fund

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The international Red Cross has joined the efforts of local Asian chapters to help the countries affected by Sunday's Tsunami.

They've already sent medical supplies and water purifying equipment.

The Chippewa Valley chapter of the American Red Cross is asking residents not to collect food or clothing to send, since it's too early to know exactly what else is needed.
Instead, officials are waiting for specific requests and attempting to boost local economies by buying supplies within the countries.

For now, those who want to help relief efforts should make donations to the International Relief Fund.

"Those will be channeled directly they can be designated to the international relief fund or to an individual country if that's what the donor wants to do," says Jill Schwebs. "Money makes a much more helpful tool than trying to collect clothing and groceries."

Donations can be sent to any Red Cross chapter.

Those addresses can be found on the Red Cross website, along with updated information on volunteer efforts and needs.