Plea Entered on Abuse of Child With Electric Dog Collar on Neck

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The Necedah woman accused, along with her husband, of using an electric dog collar on her daughter pleaded no contest to child abuse charges today.

The attorney general says Lee Ann Miller entered the plea to six counts of child abuse and one count of bail jumping in Juneau County Circuit Court. Another child abuse charge and an escape count were dismissed.

Lee Ann Miller faces a maximum penalty of 45 and a-half years in prison.

Miller and her husband are accused of torturing her daughter with an electric dog collar.

The 17-year-old girl says they also hit her with a belt, chain and piples, made her sleep in the basement and drink sewer water as discipline.

Troy Miller has pleaded no contest to trying to kill police in a shoot-out outside the couple's home and not guilty to six of seven child abuse counts.