Patrick Henry Award

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A Chippewa Falls woman is receiving national recognition for her efforts to help connect families with their soldiers overseas.
At a ceremony Thursday, Mary Connolly Brunstad and Leinenkugel Brewery were saluted by the National Association of the United States for their efforts in helping friends and families send packages from military families to loved ones stationed around the world.
Brunstad has a lot of experience sending care packages, since her husband spent 22 years in the Navy, and her son just finished 4 years of service in the Navy.
"I think the greatest honor in all this is that the service members, when they're here in leave 14 days and then they're going back," says Brunstad. "They take the time out of their schedule and come in a thankus that has been the great part."
The Patrick Henry Award is the National Guard Association's honor for local, non-public officials who show outstanding and exceptional service to the armed forces.
Only one other Wisconsin company received the award.