Menomonie Lions Raise Money to Help Local Teenager

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Fourteen-year old Tony Bundy is working with a teacher and the help of a new laptop computer thanks to community support since he was blinded in a hunting accident.

"I was really excited to know I was going to get something so I could talk to my friends again," says Bundy.

On Wednesday January fifth, the Menomonie Lions Club celebrated the gift of Tony's computer and six scholarships at a gathering.

The club's primary focus has always been assisting people with sight problems.

"It was brought to us by Patty Irwin, our member...and we made the decision to go ahead with it," said Club President David Enestvedt.

"Probably the most gratifying part is when you take something like that computer to him," said Publicity Co-Chair Dan Smith, "That he might not have had the ability to get at an early age like he is now."

The effort buy tony's computer is one of 50 fund raising projects the club is involved in through the year.