Teen Abduction Suspects in Court

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Three suspects charged with the kidnapping and assault of a 17-year-old made their preliminary appearances in Eau Claire County Court Tuesday.

Police say they held the teen over a $150 drug debt.

The victim testified in court Tuesday that he received threats to his life and was beaten with a baseball bat, a pool cue, and fists by the suspects during a period of more than five hours.

Along with testimony from the victim's mother and an Eau Claire Police Officer, Judge Eric Wahl determined there was probably cause a crime had been committed by Lashamy Rayborn, Demond Johnson, and Frederick Johnson.

Although Frederick Johnson is out on a $1000 cash bond, the assistant district attorney wants to keep the other suspects in custody.

"I would oppose reduction of bail because of the seriousness of the offense and the history of at least two of them," says Gary Schuster.

The fourth suspect, Catherine Clingensmith, waived her right to a preliminary hearing earlier Tuesday morning.