Priest Questioned in Hudson Homicides May Have Been Involved In Other Crime

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The police chief in Hudson says a Catholic priest who killed himself after police questioned him about an unsolved double murder was under investigation for a possible crime involving a child.

Chief Richard Trende tells The Associated Press that detectives interviewed Father Ryan Erickson last fall after receiving an allegation about the priest and a minor or minors.

He wouldn't say what the possible crime was.

The 31-year-old priest was found hanged December 19th outside his rectory at St. Mary's Church in Hurley.

Just days earlier, Hudson detectives had interviewed him about the shooting deaths of two funeral workers at a Hudson funeral home in February 2002.

Trende says information from the other case led detectives to interview the priest about the murders.

He says there were inconsistencies in Erickson's statements, and Erickson knew some important details of the crime scene that police never made public.

The murder investigation is continuing.