Teen Charged in Officer Attack

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Mark Weibel is charged with first degree attempted homicide as well as battery to a law officer. In court Tuesday, an Eau Claire County judge set cash bail at $75,000.

Altoona Police Chief Todd Chaney says last Friday morning, Weibel's mother called the Altoona Police Deaprtment, saying her son wouldn't go to school or a doctor's appointment.

Officer Jeff Anger went to the home and talked with Weibel and his mother for about a half hour.

Chaney says the young man got a hunting knife and held it to the officer's throat. He says the officer was able to push Weibel's arm and use pepper spray, but Weibel lunged again, stabbing Anger in the chest.

Chaney says the officer was wearing a protective vest so he was not injured.

Anger used pepper spray once again, and the boy threw the knife at him. The criminal complaint says Anger ducked and the knife hit the wall behind him at head level.

The officer was able to grab the boy then arrest him.

Weibel remains in the Eau Claire County Jail. A preliminary hearing is set for January 25.